Every woman should treat herself to TONI fashion. 

The high demand for fashion grade, the excellent workmanship as well as perfect quality and fits distinguish the collections season after season. TONI is created for women who, in addition to precisely these advantages, are above all looking for the synergy of trends and comfort.

Feel the summer

WE ARE TONI Campaign

The pandemic will be talked about for a long time to come, but it also brought about one or two positive developments. One of them is the reflection on one's own values and strengths, which has led to a new way of communication at TONI, the fit specialist.

TONI used the standstill during the lockdown to develop a new fit communication. They wanted to show authentically that TONI offers the right fit for every woman's body. 

And there is no better way to implement this than with real women who know what matters: with the TONI colleagues.

Many TONIs followed the call for an internal fit casting and four of them present their fit in a sympathetic and credible way. Through this special "working day", they gained insight into the world of professional models, were pampered in the process and afterwards specially honoured by the company for their willingness.

Thank you again for your commitment, Sabine, Daniela, Michi and Doreen!

Perfect Shape

My TONI fit is the Perfect Shape. I feel completely comfortable in it. It shapes my figure perfectly with its shaping effect. The Magic Infinity, with its higher waist, is another favourite of mine.'

be loved

I've always been looking for trousers that hide my little tummy but aren't too loose at the legs. With the be loved, I just know that they fit. They fit great, especially in the places where it really matters'.


'Ever since TONI introduced the Liv, I've been in love with it. Above all, I'm thrilled by the modern and versatile silhouettes'.


'It's often not so easy to pack my feminine curves perfectly. That's why I love the Honey fit. It fits comfortably and I feel good in it.'