Sustainability - it concerns us all!

For TONI and Relaxed, this not only means taking a critical look at the materials we process and bring to market. For us, sustainability is also closely linked to our responsibility towards our employees, our environment and, last but not least, our customers.

As forward-looking labels, we inspire the fashionable 50+ customer with high standards of fit, aesthetics and quality and are aware of the economic, social and above all ecological responsibility in the creation of our collections. As is often the case, the way is the goal - especially when it comes to sustainability. We follow this path extremely consistently. For a greener future.

Fabrics & Trims
Green by TONI

Fabrics & Trims

With a view to future generations and for a clean environment, we do everything we can to make the textile value chain of our products as sustainable as possible.

Raw material

We maintain long-term, trusting partnerships with our fabric suppliers, most of whom come from Europe or countries close to Europe and also manufacture there. Short transport routes not only save time but also valuable resources and reduce the environmental impact enormously. It goes without saying that we check every fabric quality for prohibited dyes or pesticides before production. In addition, we require a binding eco-info in which our suppliers confirm that the materials supplied are absolutely free of harmful substances and carry out our own tests in recognised institutes.

Wash & Labels

Authentic looks, as desired especially with denims, are only created through technical washing processes. We do this in advanced laundries that are certified according to Ökotex Standard 100. Our partners place great emphasis on reducing energy and water consumption and the considered use of chemical means. This benefits people and the environment (e.g. through reduced CO2 emissions).

And even the little things matter: TONI leather labels are made of more than 90% Viridis©, a polymer based on renewable raw materials (corn, FSC viscose and PU) and recycled leather. The remaining 10% of the labels are by-products of the food industry.

Countries of origin


For us, sustainability and responsibility are closely linked to the people who are involved in the production of our clothing. During on-site visits, we personally ensure that the following legal requirements are met:

• No forced labour
• No child labour
• No discrimination
• Fair wage equalisation
• Compliance with the ILO*

Almost 70% of our manufacturing companies are based in Europe (Europe 68%, Turkey 11%, Tunisia 18%, Vietnam 3%).

*International Labour Organization: International Labour Organization - Compliance with international social standards (

It is important to us to support ecological, fair and social production in developing countries too. For this reason, we deliberately do not ignore these in our production. We manufacture part of our products in one of our production facilities in Vietnam, DBW (Deutsche Bekleidungswerke). These were established in 2016 by our parent company, Royal Spirit Group LTD Hong Kong.

This production facility is equipped with state-of-the-art social and hygiene rooms as well as air conditioning. The high-tech production park, a solar system and its own water treatment plant make DBW a model company - not least in terms of environmental protection. It is therefore not surprising that the company is a highly sought-after employer.


For more transparency and information, we introduced the GREEN BY TONI label back in 2019. By using this label, we promise a range of sustainable aspects in terms of materials and production.

This means, among other things:

  • Reduced water consumption
  • Less use of chemicals
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Reduced CO2 emissions 
  • Use of post-consumer recycled fibres


Would you like to know which of these aspects apply to your TONI trousers or top?

Please request more detailed information on this topic, stating the model and article number. Please use this contact form.

Our GREEN BY TONI seal creates trust and gives you reliability when choosing your fashion.


Social responsibility plays a central role in our corporate philosophy. We are very proud to be a member of renowned organisations such as Better Cotton™ , amfori and OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 which are committed to a sustainable and responsible supply chain. We have been complying with ILO Standards for decades.

However, despite all our joy at what we have achieved, we are also aware that there is still a long way to go to reach our sustainable goals in some areas. Nevertheless, the journey is the goal and we are pursuing it with all our resources.

Our partnership with Better Cotton™ reflects our commitment to environmentally friendly cotton production, which not only improves the quality of our products, but also reduces the living conditions of farmers and our ecological footprint. We have already achieved our 2025 target of sourcing 50% of our cotton requirements in this way by 2023.

Through our membership of amfori we are actively committed to ethical trade and social responsibility in our global supply chain. This is described in detail in the amfori Code of Conduct. amfori BSCI enables us to ensure that our business practices respect social standards and human rights. amfori BEPI uses various tools to support us in our aim to improve the environmental conditions at our suppliers. These include the areas of energy and water consumption, chemical and waste water management.

The OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 process involves intensive testing for harmful substances with regard to product and consumer safety. Not only fabrics and trims, but also other treatments such as washing processes must be certified. Only then is this label justified. It is a long way until every single part of a garment can fulfil these strict requirements, but we go this way together with our suppliers.

The basic principles and rights at work according to the International Labour Organization (ILO) are another important aspect of our social responsibility. We support the ILO standards to ensure that the working conditions of our employees worldwide are fair.

Our commitment to these organisations and principles reflects our desire to have a positive social and environmental impact. We strive to create a sustainable future while providing high quality products.

Visions with TURNS

Visions are the archive of the future. Thom Renzie

As a future-orientated company, we have many visions. Some things remain visions, others become reality - often because there are many people with the same goals.

When it comes to sustainability, there are numerous innovative ideas. This includes the TURNS® fibre cycle project, which we support as a regional project partner.

TURNS®'s mission is to exploit the potential of every fibre and extend its life cycle through fibre-to-fibre recycling. With the help of AI-supported material analysis, used textiles are sorted according to fibre type, colour and quality and thus assigned to their ideal material cycle before they are reprocessed. In this way, unusable clothing (which is collected in used clothing boxes, among other places) is turned into valuable raw material for new fibres, fabrics and ultimately new clothing. This enables a genuine textile circular economy.


Step by Step - We are there!

Within the W&O Group, we have around 300 colleagues at our headquarters in Forchheim, who do their best every day across all brands to ensure that our processes run smoothly and successfully.

It's often the little things that make you happy, that do good and that have a big impact in terms of sustainability.

Company fitness

Yogi teams meet to stretch and enjoy doing something good for themselves in a relaxed way.

The regular check-ups provided by our company doctor make a lasting contribution to our health, for example with vaccinations, eye tests and workplace optimisation.

Water dispenser

The introduction of water dispensers has greatly reduced the consumption of plastic bottles throughout the company.

Our employees really enjoy this refreshing attention from our management - especially on hot days.

So we are sustainable in both senses of the word!

Think before you print

Paper is an important raw material. That is why we have optimised our printers throughout the company and do without unnecessary printouts. We print on front and back pages and in black and white instead of colour. We carefully separate waste paper, collect it and recycle it.

Posters, catalogues or other prints that unavoidably accumulate in our industry are made available for separate paper collection campaigns that benefit the youth work of local sports clubs.

In many areas we have switched from print production to digital media.

Resources used

Converted from an unused traditional building into a modern logistics warehouse, W&O now uses a building at the headquarters as a dispatch warehouse.

This on-site logistics shortens supply chains, which not only saves time and costs, but also has a lasting impact on the environment.


Our products should be presented in a high-quality manner and arrive at your door in the best possible condition.. We manage this with FSC-certified natural cardboard boxes that use very little printing ink. For our orders from the online shop, we generally proceed according to the motto ’no plastic – it’s fantastic‘ and pack completely without plastic for the sake of nature.